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Pulsar RöK Electric Dab Rig

SKU: V454


  • 6.75" tall (17.15 cm)
  • 1600mAh battery 
  • Isolated expanded airpath
  • 3 voltage settings
  • 30 second 'RöK Mode'
  • All metal body
  • Coilless quartz V2 atomizer (updated)
  • Ceramic cup atomizer
  • Boro glass filtration base
  • Disc percolator
  • Carb caps (for concentrate & herb)
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quantity pricing available
  • Various Limited Edition color schemes
Replacement Parts
Ceramic Coil
Quartz Coil V2
Glass Base
Carb Cap - Herb
Carb Cap - Wax
Expanded Air Path Tubes
Air Path Tubes 
(compatible with Neptune & Luna Glow)

Carb Cap - Spinning
Drop-in Insert
Disclaimer: Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

Product Description

Product Description

Now includes the updated coil-less quartz V2 atomizer!

The updated Q2 coil for concentrates heats faster and has an increased surface area providing even vapor and bigger rips than the original coil!

We are excited to present Pulsar's greatest vaporizer, the RöK! Feast your eyes on the best portable electronic dab rig in the industry. A rig that enables the ability to experience premium innovation and taste the finer properties of your exquisite concentrates and open up their full flavor profile. The Pulsar RöK is where functionality meets performance and enables yet another way to #EnjoyHigherCulture.

Check out our Limited Edition designs, such as the Neptune and the Luna Glow. Also be sure to check out the Full Spectrum rainbow version which features expanded air paths for larger clouds. Full Spectrum parts--like the Full Spectrum RoK Base JarFull Spectrum Oil Carb Cap, and Full Spectrum Herb Carb Cap--feature an iridescent rainbow finish and are great for customizing any original Pulsar RoK. Note: the expanded air paths are only only compatible with the Full Spectrum and original Black versions, they are not compatible with the Neptune & Luna Glow edition.

Specs & Features

- 6.75" tall (17.14 cm)
- 3 voltage settings
- 30 second 'RöK Mode'
- Boro glass filtration base
- Disc percolator

Included Items

1 - Dabber tool
2 - Wire brushes
1 - Wax carb cap
1 - Coilless quartz Q2 atomizer cup (updated)
1 - Coilless ceramic atomizer cup
2 - Silicone collars
1 - USB charging cable
4 - Crud Bud alcohol filled cotton buds


Modern solid metal mouthpiece design.


Coil-less quartz cup atomizer delivers exceptional terpene profiles.


Easy-touch Dab Trigger provides precise variable voltage control and initiates RöK-Mode.


The disc percolater ensures smooth, clean, and quality rips.