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Arizer XQ2 Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer

SKU: V825


  • Desktop vaporizer
  • For dry herb or aromatherapy
  • Convection heating
  • Ceramic heating element
  • 3-Speed fan for balloon system
  • Precise digital temp control
  • Custom settings
  • Replaceable air intake filter
  • Multi-color base LED lights
  • Includes programmable remote control
  • Fill balloons or use silicone whip
  • Easy to clean

Product Description

Product Description

Let your customers enjoy their dry herb in the most efficient way with the Arizer XQ2 Dry Herb Desktop Vaporizer. The vape is perfect for filling balloons with vapor for a group smoke sesh and includes a programmable remote control to adjust everything from the temperature to the LED base lights. These high quality desktop vaporizers put control into the hands of the user with precise digital temperature settings and customizable session settings. Every hit is flavorful and delicious when the precise temp combines with the ceramic heating tech and replaceable air filter that covers the isolated airpath. Users of the XQ2 can choose between 2 herb chamber sizes of the Connoisseur Bowl for tasty flavor or huge clouds. Enjoy the LED lights in the base in 8 individual colors, full rainbow Spectrum Mode, or Dynamic Mode, which changes color to indicate the current state of the unit. Fill up a balloon or use the food grade quality hose that allows for 360 degree swivel action for stress-free sharing. Each part of this user friendly vaporizer is removeable for easy cleaning.

Kit Includes:

  • XQ2 multi-purpose heater
  • Power adapter & cord
  • Remote control
  • x2 Glass connoisseur bowls
  • x2 Tuff BowlGrips
  • Glass aromatherapy dish
  • 3ft Silicone whip
  • Glass mini whip w/ dome screen
  • Frosted glass balloon mouthpiece
  • Balloon connector
  • x2 Balloon bags
  • Balloon cap
  • Air filter cartridge w/ filter
  • Stainless steel stirring tool
  • Flat screen
  • Dome screen
  • Aromatic botanicals sample
  • Owner's manual