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Brisco Brands Officially Licensed Clothing: Candy Collection

Wholesale officially licensed tees and snapback caps repping iconic candy brands? Sweet!

Brisco Brands tees are an AFG Distribution favorite. They're vintage-soft, and the ones we've included in this collection sport instantly recognizable candy logos that hearken back to the sweet simplicity of childhood without being childish. The snapback caps are durably constructed, with high-quality embroidered appliques that feel high-end but are still down-to-earth. Stock your shop with these fan-favorite candy logo tees and flat-bill caps. From Blow-Pop to Whatchamacallit, AFG Distribution's got you covered* with wholesale Brisco Brands merch.

PS: If you - or your customers - have "I Want Candy" on every other playlist, don't sleep on these treat-scented candles! Four out of five dental assistants would probably say, "Oh, that's neat," if you mentioned candy candles at your next appointment!

*Note: tees and caps only cover torsos and heads. We're not saying you can't fashion wholesale candy-themed shirts into a trendy mini-skirt or loincloth, but we're not recommending it either.

21 Products