Herb Grinders

AFG Distribution has been offering wholesale herb grinders at fair prices for over 20 years! We started off selling simple two-piece wooden grinders with metal teeth and eventually added more complex designs to our product line. We now offer top-of-the-line grinders from Pulsar, Cali Crusher, Santa Cruz Shredder, RYOT, Kannastor, and SLX, and we're always looking for more top grinder brands we can offer at great wholesale pricing. We stock plenty of basic, affordable, travel-sized options, such as two-piece grinders in metal, wood, and acrylic. If your customers are looking for all the bells and whistles, there are multi-piece grinders with many exciting features, such as viewing windows, sifting screens, kief chambers, and even electric grinders for those customers who may be looking for something that's easier to use than a traditional manual grinder. We offer some grinders in point-of-purchase displays with multiple units, which makes it easy for your store to offer multiple colors and designs to your customers. Take advantage of our price-matching program to ensure you get the best pricing on your purchase!

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