Sipper Hands-Free Bubbler Vape & Accessories

The Pulsar Sipper line has expanded with a range of worked glass tops! Give your customers the customization options they want, with the best wholesale prices on the Sipper and Sipper accessories.

In addition to the original Pulsar Sipper and all the replacement parts you need to keep your customers coming back, the collection now includes several upgraded bubbler top styles with multiple color options for each. Find them all below, or keep reading for more details.

The freezable glycerin spiral cup makes for the most colorful, cooler-than-cold (ice cold) display, while the recycler bubbler top with its maze of tubes will hit the mark for anyone who takes "scientific glass" literally! And yes, all of the Sipper tops are made of borosilicate glass (a.k.a scientific glass).
The wig wag showerhead perc bubbler top is an understated testament to quality glasswork: simple, yet refined. All of the worked glass Sipper tops come in colorful boxes with a clear window that will stand out on the shelf. Finally, a lower-profile dry cup option is also available, sold as a 2-piece set.

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