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  • Puffco New Peak Pro Vaporizer | Smart Rig | 1700mAh

Puffco New Peak Pro Vaporizer | Smart Rig | 1700mAh

SKU: V818


  • New Peak Pro Vaporizer Smart Rig
  • New! 3D heating chamber
  • New! In-app interactive dashboard
  • New! Joystick carb cap
  • New! Laser cut perc slots
  • 1700mAh battery capacity
  • Real-time temp control
  • Large ceramic chamber
  • Bluetooth app connectivity
  • 4 Preset heat profiles
  • Custom heat profiles, temp, mood light, and time
  • 20 second heat up time
  • Charges in just 2 hours
  • Average 40 sessions per charge
  • USB-C & Wireless charging
  • Includes carrying case
  • Available in Onyx or Pearl colors
Replacement Parts & Accessories
Glass 2.0
Heating Chamber
XL Heating Chamber
Joystick Carb Cap
Power Dock

Disclaimer: Legal herbal use only, NOT for tobacco.

Product Description

Product Description

The newest evolution in the Puffco Peak series, the New Peak Pro Vaporizer is smarter and more customizable than ever before! With a cutting edge design, configurable settings, and an interactive app, this smart rig delivers precision hits and exceptional performance.


The New Peak Pro's 3D heating chamber uses innovative heating tech and ceramic materials to regulate each hit and preserve the flavor of the concentrates. Heated from the sides, instead of the bottom, the 3D chamber is embedded with heat tracers that provide real-time intelligent temperature control for consistency in every sesh. The upgraded chamber now includes a joystick carb cap, and the glass bubbler attachment features laser cut perc slots for improved water filtration.


Let your customers fully customize their own heating profiles with temperatures, timers, mood light, and more! The New Peak Pro has four preset heat profiles which can be shifted with the single button on the vaporizer base. The device uses a Bluetooth app to connect to an Android or IOS smart phone where users can set and select their heating profiles and adjust the Mood Light. The app also has an interactive dashboard for viewing your stats like never before, including dab count, average duration, popular temperature, and popular mood light.


This outstanding smart rig averages approximately 40 heat cycles per charge, and charges fast in just 2 hours. The New Peak Pro has a USB-C charge port and can be used with the Peak Pro Power Dock for easy wireless charging. Available in Onyx or Pearl coloring.


Kit Includes:

  • New Peak Pro base
  • Glass bubbler
  • 3D chamber
  • Joystick carb cap w/ jacket & tether
  • Loading tool
  • Dual tools
  • USB-C cable w/ AC adapter
  • Carrying case