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Royal Blunts XXL Hemp Wraps | 2pk | 25pc Display

SKU: RP525
    • (25) 2-pack hemp wraps display
    • All-natural tobacco-free wraps
    • Counter-top display box included
    • Multiple flavor options
    • Rolls up to 4 per pack

Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Hemp Wraps

The XXL Herbal Hemp Wraps by Royal Blunts brings you flavorful hemp-based wraps with the same great quality their traditional wraps are known for. Made with all natural organic components and slow burning for a smooth slow toke. Available in multiple great tasting flavors. Each counter display box contains 25 packs each with 2 wraps. Packaging is resealable so your customers can save the rest of their wraps for later. Stay Loyal to Royal!

Also available in Hemparillo size!