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Skunk Brand Shredder Grinder

SKU: GR736-63M


  • Metal herb grinder
  • Magnetic closure
  • Sharp shredding teeth
  • Includes carrying pouch
  • Available in 2 sizes: 2 Piece (55mm) & 4 Piece (63mm)

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Product Description

Product Description

Wholesale Herb Grinders

A trusted name in smoking accessories, Skunk Brand has finally released their own grinder. The Skunk Brand Shredder Grinder provides a smooth grinding experience for all. With sharp shredding teeth and a grip-textured exterior, these grinders shred through herb like butter.

Available as a 2 piece or 4 piece grinder, the 4 piece features dropdown holes, a storage compartment, as well as a pollen chamber with an included scraping tool. The 2 piece grinder is for those who value simplicity: its slim size makes it easy to carry anywhere and everywhere.