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Wax Wallet XL Dab Storage Container | Colors Vary

SKU: SA2438


  • Extra large wax wallet
  • Latching clamshell design
  • Measures 4.2" x 3"
  • Hard plastic exterior
  • Food-grade silicone interior
  • Pre-measured squares for dosage
  • Large flat dab mat

Product Description

Product Description

Experience the best storage option for dabs with the Wax Wallet XL! This storage case handles all of your dab needs housed in a latching clamshell design. The interior features a food-grade silicone lining with plenty spaces for different strains of concentrates, airtight seal, dab tool storage and a built-in dab mat. The feature that really makes this product stand out is the pre-measured squares that can be used to dose out your concentrates.


  • Dimensions: 4.2 in x 3 in
  • Interior Depth: .825 in
  • Dab tool slot: 3.5
  • Hard plastic clam-shell
  • Latches closed
  • Food grade silicone interior
  • Measured dividers and dab mat
  • Dose slots: .1 gr, .5 gr .25 gr