Meet Us


Christa* has lived in WNC for almost 20 years. In her spare time, she loves to travel, create artwork and jewelry, hike and kayak.

She spent years raising her family, studying massage therapy, getting a college degree, and working in food service before finding herself at AFG Distribution.

She is a great speller but can’t type without making millions of typos and she has an unnatural obsession with Kenny Loggins.

*Please note that Christa may secretly be a spy or ninja of some sort. We aren’t sure, but we’ve begun a thorough investigation into the matter.



Julia loves calling the mountains her home! Any weekend over 70°, she can be found out on the river with her dogs. She likes music in any form and will take any chance she gets to go to a show or festival.

She will take anyone on in flip cup, but will also take time out for board games. She enjoys camping, crafting, traveling, laughter, home brewing, poetry and sushi.

She loves her job here because you can ask questions like: “What astrological sign are the ninja turtles?
and may actually learn something!



For the past twenty years, Lisa has lived in Central Florida, but her heart’s been in Asheville. She and her four legged friend, Eli, have finally returned permanently, after visiting Asheville several weeks a year for many years now. Moving “home” was inevitable, and AFG Distribution offered the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true.

One of her most memorable adventures was not by foot or tire, but by water -- A five day jet ski trip to the Bahamas that began on the Florida Coast! This trip ended with a bang, with stops by Coast Guards and Customs officials of all sorts who proceeded to search their crafts for illegal substances, adding five extra hours to the already exciting adventure.

Lisa has a fascination with gourmet foods, wine, motorcycles, racing, good local Asheville music, and she is absolutely obsessed with Aussies (Australian Shepherds that is!)

Lisa is living the dream being back in Asheville amongst her broad circle of friends that are, at heart,family- and a big one at that!



A poet, musician, visionary, proud father of six beautiful children and husband to a goddess of a wife, Max was born in Argentina and recently moved to Asheville to get away from the hustle and bustle of his hometown Miami.

Driven by pure passion, heart and desire to keep learning and growing, Max is a true “guererro de la luz”

Max mostly loves playing with his son Enoch, collecting sneakers, vinyl records, art, action figures & tattoos. He spends his days producing music, writing, cooking, and researching metaphysics, occult studies & conspiracy theories, all while raising his family and working at AFG (the freaking best job he has ever had!).

Check out his music



Amy hails from Massachusetts! In 1998 she decided to leave her hometown of Holyoke; first stop Asheville, NC! That’s when the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains captivated her soul. Amy loves to travel! From California to Vermont, Canada to Mexico, including places like the Bahamas and Honduras. She has 8 girlfriends that she travels this great nation with. She has became Cicerone certified as a beer expert & was honored by the JCI as a Lifetime Senator for her community services & fund raising.

She loves her partner Jeff & helps raise his teenage son. She’s a member of Freedom Biker Church & attends Zumba classes. Amy enjoys hiking, kayaking & tossing balls to 1 of her 4 dogs. Tattoos, motorcycles, the color purple, wine, a romantic Nicholas Sparks book & her family make her smile.

She loves Love, kindness, nature, being crafty, warm summer days and campfires on starry nights. Her bucket list includes: skydiving, laying in a villa in the Turks of Caicos, driving a convertible mini Cooper around the streets in Italy & retiring before she’s too old to enjoy her freedoms.



He grew up in NC and lived in NC all his life but he is no stranger to traveling. Adam has traveled the country since he was 14 years with his BMX team aka second family from Southern California to New York City to Daytona Florida.

Time off the bike was spent shredding the slopes of NC but wishing he could be back in Vail, Colorado. Now he lives mostly through the enjoyment of his dog Joplin, she is Adam’s hiking, biking, backpacking, and a daily reminder of pure happiness! He has lived in Asheville for 4 years now and loves it more and more every day, between the people the mountains and the endless amounts of festivities, Asheville is what he calls home!

Hobbies: waking up to coffee, backpacking, kayaking, mountain biking, music, hiking, basically anything active…but then washing it all down with a good IPA.



Brad is a native North Carolinian, who’s lived in Greensboro and Wilmington, but his heart is in Asheville, and he’s lived here since 2003 and loves it. He’s also lived in Vermont for a short gig, and Colorado for a long one.

Brad loves the mountains, and enjoys hiking, camping and snowboarding.

In addition, he likes traveling and spending his spare time with his wife Kim and dog, Hazel. Brad’s other favorite things are music (especially live music), watching college basketball (Go Heels!), eating good food and drinking tasty beer.



Originally from NYC, but having recently migrated from California, Marlowe is stoked to call the Great Smoky Mountains of Asheville, NC home. An avid outdoor enthusiast, he is most passionate about snowboarding and hiking, basketball and golf. When not outdoors, you can oftentimes find him grooving at shows, playing a mean game of hold’em, or enjoying all the craft suds Asheville has to offer.

A true sports die-hard Marlowe eats, sleeps and breathes his NY clubs (NYM/NYJ/NYR/NYK). While a big fan of Carolina BBQ, don’t be surprised to hear him complain about the lack of quality pizza/bagels outside of ‘the city’. Marlowe is a happy-go-lucky soul who is all about good vibes, and is elated to have found a home with his AFG family!



Greg is an avid family/community man. Throughout most of the year he is coaching/volunteering at youth league sports events. Greg has three children and a wonderful woman that means the world to him.

He is originally from Central Florida and has lived all over the Tampa/Orlando area (and doesn’t miss it).

Greg has worked in the timeshare industry most of his career and loves to travel.

When not at work; his favorite thing to do is play board games with his family and fetch with his dog. He also loves puzzles and usually has one "in progress" on any given day. Greg loves to laugh and bring happiness to others hoping to leave the world a better place than he found it.



After growing up in upstate S.C. Cathy has lived in WNC for 29 years. She loves Asheville and living in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. She enjoys people watching, flea markets, sewing, reading, collecting local art, vintage hats & clothing, vinyl records, and antique photographs of random people. She loves traveling and spending time with family, mermaids, Halloween, dark roast coffee and people who appreciate the funny side of things. Cathy loves to bake. Especially rich, decadent chocolate desserts. No relation to Betty Crocker although they share skills and a last name.

She is a night owl and can frequently be found up late watching daytime soap operas. She loves live music and often finds it in her living room. She loves laughing & spending time with her long time partner and personal entertainer, Bill. Cathy has worn a few different hats from the AFG rack and now she is excited to be one of the newest members of the AFG Sales Team.


Adopted in Texas and raised in the countryside of Chapel Hill, Lisa Koenigshofer, is a North Carolina native who loves to sleep as much as she loves to travel. She is grateful for this life.

In her free time she enjoys crafting, writing, discovering new music, attending festivals, watching documentaries and advocating for what she believes in. You can usually find her poking around town, trailblazing backwoods with her seventy pound pup, or to the left of the soundboard at a concert.


From beach bum to mountain man…
Kyle was born in Florida, but he grew up in the suburbs outside of Atlanta. In school, Kyle had a passion for wrestling and soccer. As an adult, he relocated back to Florida where he met his beautiful wife.
In 2015, he packed up the wife and dog and moved from the beautiful Emerald coast of Florida to the Appalachian Mountains of Asheville, NC. His family has now grown to include the coolest little boy ever.
Kyle enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor exploration, hiking, snowboarding and mountain biking. He is excited to be part of the AFG family.